Greater London House

Main Reception Refurbishment

Greater London House: Main Reception Refurbishment

London NW1

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Greater London House is an iconic landmark in North London. Vert Projects completely renovated the main reception area to provide a new contemporary space.

As the building is fully occupied with over 3500 employees, this project was completed outside of normal office hours so as to cause as little disruption to the day-to-day operation of the building.

We undertook to demolish the entire area and extended the floor space by removing oversized tenants entrances and storage/service facilities.

The lift doors had vinyl applied, with the lift surrounds being clad in corian incorporating back painted glass overpanels. The walls to the lift core were lined and clad in limestone.

Concealed cupboards for services were built and clad in limestone.

Speed lanes were installed as well as glass balustrading to control movement within the reception, along with a new circle slide entrance.

A bespoke reception desk was fabricated and clad in brass and corian to give a main focal point to the reception.

The scope of works also entailed adjusting the external levels to the entrance and installing a limestone staircase up to the newly installed entrance doors.

To comply with current Building Regulations the 35m external ramp was rebuilt to conform to Approved Document M. New stainless steel balustrading was installed, curved concrete walls were raised, and a large concrete platform was built for a new platform lift.

Photo of Greater London House project
Photo of Greater London House project
Photo of Greater London House project
Photo of Greater London House project
Photo of Greater London House project
Photo of Greater London House project


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